• A new wineskin
    The first round of modern missions in history took place
    in the 19th century, and the second round during the 20th century.
    Now the 21st century is the third round. Each era was characterized its
    own unique features and targets. We must pay attention to and understand
    the characteristics by which make this century unique. Have we changed into a new,
    reliable wineskin to hold this new wine? Or are we still clinging to
    the old wineskin, hoping it will hold the new wine without bursting?

    Director of International Mission Mobilisation
  • Shifting roles in missions
    With Asia, Africa, and South America emerging as the key players in missions today,
    it is crucial and urgent to mobilise missionaries from the majority world
    to fulfill the Great Commission of worldwide evangelization.
  • From everywhere to everywhere
    What used to be “from the West to everywhere”
    – Western missionaries going out into the world to share the Gospel in the 20th century –
    has been transformed a new era of “from everywhere to everywhere.”


We challenge and help all Christians from emerging missionary sending countries to participate in world missions.


We provide missions training based on the needs and circumstances of emerging countries.


Prayer is always the first and the last of IMM’s ministries. We pray for missions mobilisation and also mobilise people to pray through prayer networking.