Praying for missions Prayer is always the first and last of IMM's ministries.

International Prayer Meeting

The IMM main office holds a missions prayer meeting with international Christians in Korea, especially international seminary students who are studying abroad in Korea. A number of students from over 10 theological seminaries attend regularly. The meeting is held the first Friday evening of every month.

Intercessory Prayer Meeting

The IMM main office holds a monthly prayer meeting with an intercessory prayer group, open to everybody who wants to join God's mission. Irregular intercessory prayer support is also employed depending upon need.

Prayer Houses

IMM runs prayer houses in strategic city locations for missions mobilisation. Prayer houses focus on worship and world missions to glorify God and restore the kingdom of God through prayer. The IMM Egypt has been running a house of prayer in Cairo since 2014.

Prayer Newsletter

IMM publishes prayer newsletters to serve the purpose of worldwide prayer networking. Over 500 individuals and churches regularly receive our prayer newsletter to pray for world missions.